How to shuffle and deal playing cards

Poker Dealer Courses

Various types of casino dealer courses are available. Many local community colleges, especially those located in cities with casinos, offer casino dealer courses. Privately owned dealer training schools and online course are also available. There are one or two dealer courses that are available in Las Vegas. Rather than list what courses are available, I will refer you to the Casino Dealer Forums for an up-to-date opinion of what dealers courses are available.

Keep in mind that most casinos train their dealers in-house and even a newly hired experienced dealer will have to be taught the house rules and procedures that are unique to each casino. New casino employees are usually put through dealer training programs that teach poker, roulette, blackjack, craps, and many other casino games. These dealer courses are usually first offered to existing employees within the casino (cashiers, bartenders, etc.) and then opened to public hiring. It is almost impossible to acquire a job as a dealer in a foreign country if you do not have proper immigration status in that country. Do not go to Vegas expecting to land a job at a casino if you do not already have proper U.S. immigration status - your best bet might be to try to find a dealer's job with a cruise line (ship).

Practice table

You will need a table with a felt surface to practice your dealing and shuffling techniques. Visit HomePokerTourney for information on how to build a poker table, how build a temporary poker table, and where to buy poker table supplies.

Casino dealer forums

There is one casino "dealers" forum that I am aware of. The Casino Dealer Forums is an internet forum that is visited by many professional dealers from different casinos - there are many dealers from Las Vegas and other casinos from around the world. This is probably your best bet if you are looking for information about working in a casino as a dealer.

Casino Dealer Forums

Dealer courses

Casino Dealers Academy
Casino Dealers School
Deal Master
Gold Star School of Gaming
Learn To Deal
Reno Dealing School
The Casino College

Dealer Jobs

World Casino Directory
World Casino Jobs

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