How to shuffle and deal playing cards

Other Poker Shuffling & Dealing Videos

It is somewhat difficult to sift through all the poker videos at various other sites looking for some of the more informative videos, especially videos about poker dealing or videos about shuffling playing cards. This page will highlight the best shuffling and dealing videos on the internet, from all the different sources.

Poker Dealer Video Links

Online Casino Training
Expert Village - Peter Perata - How to shuffle a deck of playing cards
Expert Village - Joe Marshall - Ways to shuffle cards
Susan Corbett - How to shuffle cards (riffle shuffle & bridge)
Tabled Faro (Slow motion) - psherman
Tabled Faro (Reversed) - psherman
The Card Mechanic - Table riffle shuffle
The Card Mechanic - Riffle shuffle
The Card Mechanic - Overhand shuffle
True Poker Dealer
Robert Endael - Riffle shuffle
qurrke - Riffle-strip-cut
21Ace - How to shuffle cards videos
Poker Table DVD - How to build a poker table


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