How to shuffle and deal playing cards

Standard Procedure For Shuffling Poker

This is how cards are shuffled between hands of poker

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There is no universal rule book or dealer procedures used for poker - each casino or poker room uses its own unique blend of poker rules and shuffling and dealing techniques. Many dealers are taught in-house by whatever casino they happen to work at. There are certain poker standards such as Robert's Rules of Poker, but there is also a chance that the card room has never heard of Robert's Rules!


The most common method for shuffling cards between poker hands is the riffle-strip-riffle-cut procedure.

  1. The dealer collects the cards from the previous hand
  2. Riffle the deck two or three times (it depends on the casino)
  3. Strip shuffle the cards
  4. Riffle the cards once or twice more
  5. Cut the deck
  6. The dealer should also wash the cards from time to time and will definitely wash the cards for all new decks brought to the table.

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