How to shuffle and deal playing cards

How to Cut a Deck of Playing Cards

How to cut a deck of playing cards

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  1. Place the deck face down in front of you on the table. The deck should be lying in landscape mode, meaning that one of the long edges of the deck should be facing you.
  2. Place a cut card on the table, in horizontal mode, a couple inches past the deck.
  3. Using one hand, place your thumb on the inside edge and your other fingers on the outside edge of the deck.
  4. Cut the deck by pinching a significant number of cards from the top of the deck using your thumb on one long edge and two or three fingers on the opposite long edge.
  5. Lift this chunk of cards slightly off the deck, move it forward and place it on top of the cut card lying on the table.
  6. Using the same hand, lift the remaining cards slightly off the table and place them on top of the cards lying on the cut card.
  7. Square up the deck using one or both hands.
  8. Place the deck of cards, with the cut card on the bottom, in one of your hands and prepare to deal.
  9. After cutting the deck, the dealer proceeds to deal the cards to the players.

How many cards should be cut?

The videos on this web site suggest that you should cut at least 10 (ten) cards when cutting a deck of cards. There is no hard and fast rule on exactly how many cards should be cut but it is generally accepted that a cut of only 1 (one) card is not allowed and any cut of only a few cards is viewed with suspicion.

The purpose of cutting a deck of cards is to help ensure that the deck has not been rigged by the dealer. A random cutting of the cards, somewhere in the middle of the deck, preferably by a different player than the person who shuffled the cards, helps prevent cheating. For security reasons, most casinos do not allow customers to cut the cards, it is always done by the dealer.

Alternate view

Alternative cutting techniques

It is somewhat common to allow the following card cutting procedures in home games or more friendly card games ...

  1. The dealer places the shuffled deck on the table next to a cut card. A player then cuts the cards and places them on top of the cut card. The dealer then places the bottom half of the deck on top of the cards and cut card.
  2. The dedicated dealer will shuffle the cards and then hold the deck of cards in his hand or place the deck on the table. The dealer will then give a cut card to the player who is scheduled to cut the cards. That player will then cut the cards by slipping the cut card somewhere into the side of the deck. The dealer will then physically cut the deck by placing all the cards below the cut card on to the top of the deck.
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