How to shuffle and deal playing cards

About This Site features professional dealers employed at casinos in Canada. Keep in mind that each casino, or group of casinos, uses its own shuffling and dealing procedures. suggests a riffle-riffle-riffle-strip-riffle procedure to shuffle cards in between poker hands but many casinos only riffle twice before the strip - they use a riffle-riffle-strip-riffle-cut procedure. Some casinos occasionally wash the cards between hands while other casinos only wash new decks. Some casinos use automatic shufflers which completely changes the entire shuffling procedure, often reducing it to a quick riffle before placing the cards in the shuffler and a cut after they come out of the shuffler.

The videos are in Flash format and you will require the Macromedia Flash Player in order to view them. Ninety-nine per cent of personal computers already have Flash installed but you will be prompted to download the player if needed. The videos on all the 'how to' pages will start automatically when you visit the page. This is somewhat bad etiquette when it comes to website development but the main purpose of visiting those pages is to view the video so I figured I'd start it automatically. I will change it if it really bothers my readers. On the pages where the video does not start automatically, if you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer, you will have to click on each "play" button twice to start a video. This is a problem with Internet Explorer but not Mozzilla Firefox. is owned by - the internet's number one resource for all the information you'll ever need about running a home poker tournament. Many of the pages here link to pages at HomePokerTourney. You will find quite a few discount codes on this site. Most of the codes are for but will work fine for any purchases made from this website. is a partner site to

For a delightful little tale about how this web site got started, you should first read the About this site page on After reading that page, you just need to imagine me sitting on my couch drinking a beer and watching poker on television. A poker feature about a YouTube poker strategy video was shown on TV and I thought to myself "hmmmmm ... I should post some shuffling and dealing videos on my web site". I finished my beer(s) and then searched the internet for instructional videos on how to shuffle and deal cards. There were a lot of shuffling and dealing videos from a magician's perspective , but hardly anything at all that showed official casino methods and procedures. I decided to research the possibility of creating a new web site on the subject. My research led me directly to the local casino, where I played $1-$2 no-limit hold'em cash games several nights a week for the next couple months. I keenly observed the dealers - how good were their card mechanics? How proficiently did they shuffle and deal? How clearly did they speak english? Did they deal me aces? After many months of research I decided on my dealer (Regan) and shot my first series of videos. nutN2Lewz Productions was born!

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